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RockStar Bingo!
Tired of playing the same old bar games? 
LOVE music? 
LOVE hosted entertainment?
Don't want to play a 2-hour game?
Well RockStar Bingo is probably for you! 
RockStar Bingo combines traditional bingo style concepts with a hosted music match game, where players listen to clips of songs, and match them to their randomly generated bingo styled cards. Once they match their card to a winning pattern, they win great prizes, distributed by the host! 
Games usually last anywhere from 20-30 minutes on average per game, and about 2 hours per session; about 4-5 games in total per night. 
So Why RockStar Bingo over other hosted entertainment?
  • Hosted Entertainement offerings extend bar times for patrons - Patrons are more likely to stick around while being entertained
  • Short committment --> High Retention - Quick games mean quick prizes, incentivizing patrons to try and win the next round
  • Uniquness - While there are other music bingo games out there, there's nothing quite as unique as RockStar Bingo. With over 30 unique, hand made rounds, there's guarnateed to be a fun round for people of all walks. 
  • Repeat business is irrelevant - Anyone can play anytime and have a great shot at winning! No long, drawn out contests! Just quick bursts of fun!
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